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Tree or Statue

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“Talent exists or not”? This is topic that has solid points on both side. In various classes (specially in social science classes) people debate a lot on this topic. I also thought that “only environment & desires makes difference, there is no such thing like natural/born talent”. But after coming across an example, i thought, i should think in other way as well.

I just tried to write a blog post on that example and here it comes..


Growth of a plant
Consider an Apple tree and an apple seed.
Our aim is to make a big apple tree from this apple seed.
Suppose I planted this seed, so now what this seed will expect from me?

  1. A platform {good soil for its development}
  2. Food {water, fertilizers}
  3. Medical Services {pesticides}
  4. Security {A fencing as to save it from animals}

If I give all these four things, it will be a big tree after some time. Now the basic question that arises is ….
Did I tell that seed, that you will be apple tree???
The obvious answer is no, I only gave, what it required & it automatically turned to apple tree due to its nature.

Growth of sand paste

Now consider another example of a Statue of “Lord Hanuman” and a box filled by sand paste.
Our aim is to make a statue of lord hanuman by this sand paste.
So what will i require for this??

  1. A mold of Lord Hanuman.

I will pour my send into that mold, will bake it and will remove the mold. In this way my statue will be ready.
Now let’s ask that basic question again.
Did I tell that sand paste, that you will be a statue of lord hanuman??

In this case, by the time we treat the sand paste with hanuman’s mold we force that sand paste to transfer into a specified statue.
This example is linked to our education system as well.
Someone may ask you to prepare for say X??
Then this X is a just like a mold and that person want to fit it on you, treating you like the sand paste.
But are we really like a sand paste???
To find answer let’s go little downward…
We had Nursery, LKG, and UKG in our school times.
What do they mean?
LKG=> Lower Kinder Garten                   UKG=> Upper Kinder Garten
Kinder is a German word which means children.
Garten is also a German word which means Garden.
So now tell me, garden is for plants or statues??
So my dear friends, we all are like plants, grow like them. Don’t try to grow like a statue.


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January 13, 2012 at 11:04 AM

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The Punarjanma

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Sri Krishna said in Bhagwat Gita that “Atma” never dies, it only leaves the old body and occupies the new. There are many controversies over this. In general we can say that mekalian are completely against it. Here,instead of arguing on the correctness of Bhagwat gita’s line, I would rather tell you my own example.

It was 20 years before, when I was born. My mother still says that first word that I learnt was “dada”. Just for your information even my father was hardly aware of my dada. For most of educated people the word “dada” was no more different that a random word or some corrupted version of the word “papa”. But for my mother it was not. She was curious to know the story. So she provoked me to speak about that, as I grew. I told her many things, mostly of them were verified by her. Some years ago I recollected those memories from my mother, and here they are.

I was around 60 years old guy. I had 3 sons and a wife. my father was alive and i used to call him “dada”. The scene that I remember was of a big groundnut field. My wife was working on that field, suddenly she got injured. I had a jeep too. I ran with jeep to hospital with my wife and I don’t remember further. May be I got an accident with my jeep.

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October 5, 2011 at 1:06 AM

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Intellectuals’ AK 47

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Last night I had a very strange dream, which I think, was very much analogical to the current mindsets of the people  of the God’s own country.

So here the dream goes

I was one among the 7 sons of my honest father. Unluckily I was dark in color whereas rests were white. Although there was color contrast, there was a very strong harmony among us. But soon I started to act violently with rests of my brothers. My brothers requested me in all ways, but everything was vein.

One day when we were at bonfire, an intentional mischief came to my mind and I started to throw the burning pieces of wood on my brothers.

One of my brothers slapped me, and then there was a big fight between me and my brothers. The matter reached to the father. My father as well as some so-called intellectuals of our society had the ideologies that because I was black, so white ones might have done that fight. The sympathy of all of those intellectuals was with me and I was enjoying it. The so-called public opinion of society forced my father to add  rule-2 in his constitution.

Rule-1: If any of the brothers will fight against other brother, my father will fire a bullet in the leg of all of those who are involved in the fight.

Rule-2: If any white brother fights against black one, my father will fire a bullet in white’s head.

I was culprit, and my brothers were not less than victims, But as per the rules all whites were shot dead by my honest father and I only got a bullet in my leg.

So that again proved that “The road to hell is almost always paved with noble intentions”.

I would like to make some conclusions out of this story, and these are as follows

  1. “It is good to support minorities, but their negative impact should also be kept in mind.”
  2. “For intellectual world, they should be very careful while making laws or even supporting laws. Because, they are the only people on which most of non-political and honest political people believes, so they should ensure that they should not give birth to any such law that might enlarge the gap among the societies.”

Although most of the readers can relate the casts of my dream to the real world scenario, I have no hesitation in reviling them.

Our Father ~ Dr. Manmohan Singh

Intellectual Society ~ National Advisory Council

Me (Black Brother) ~ Minority ( Religious/Language)

My White Brothers ~ Majority

Rule-1 ~ Indian Penal Code

Rule-2 ~ Communal Violence Bill


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July 3, 2011 at 7:01 AM

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The Brain of a devil

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They say that when we don’t have to do anything, our brain works as of a devil’s. I was neutral about this myth before this semester break (Holi break) and here is the story of this fuzzy change.

The increasing level of laziness forces me to avoid travel (especially by bus). So I decided not to go home on this sem break and yes, i didn’t. On the 3rd day of sem break I got something to work. My friend Rakesh Bhatia (who was at home) had to apply for an internship at CISCO. The unavailability of internet connection at his home forced him to surrender his confidential password of Gmail with me. So I got access of his gmail (so called online treasure).

In CISCO we had to write a small write-up on a project, so it was a work of 3-4 hours, so after 4 hours again I was jobless. I had access of Bhatia’s e-treasure, so I started to explore his chats one by one just for entertainment. Then suddenly I came to know about one very interesting chat of Bhatia with ‘X’ (Shhhhhhhh— I can’t revel identity—otherwise he will screw me). That was an old (1 and half year) love story and i was totally unaware of it. I read all the chats of Bhatia with ‘X’, and I am very sure to say that it was not less a full movie.

The so called devil brain started to say “yes dude, this is the most happy life at IIT. Why I have missed it?? I missed everything. If I couldn’t get a GF at IIT, then all the 4 years are vain.” These thought provoked me to re-think on the aim of the life and redefining the happiness. The Google history of that day still says “How to get a Girl friend?? Best ways to impress a girl?? Girl friend reviews?? What are the things that attract girls towards boys?”, so I was totally desperate. The desperate mind started to take help from Facebook. Yes, I sent around 200 friend request to various girls (most of them were agarwals: D). the friend request that I sent were to unknown girls, so I got zero acceptance, instead I got my account blocked for 2 days. I got extreme angry and I deleted my Facebook account. When I look back to those days I accept that “yes, Jobless Brain => Devils’ Brain”.

But the search is still on …

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April 14, 2011 at 11:58 AM

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When Quality Climbs Down

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So Here is a new post after such a long time.

Those who haven’t read When Quality Climbs, first read that and then come back.

So I was talking about Laxmikant ( Now lakshya) who was made to climb up by this modern society. In this semester break when i was at home, i met laxmikant. He was not that naughty this time. He was in his old school dress. I asked why was he in that dress. Why did he not wear his new school dress. He replied that He had come back to his old school. I was shocked and got sad. I was curious to know the full story behind that. I questioned him one by one. He told that in early days he was not gaining anything except maths. And because of this he couldn’t score well( not even satisfactory) in his first mid term. I looked at his marks. I was seeing binary output out of decimal maximum marks. Then he told that his mom got worried and took decision to change his school back. I tried to explain my aunt but all was vain.

Now i think did name changing do anything?? Better if they can teach well.

Again i was support less.I could not do anything. Now i am thinking will the old school change his name back to laxmikant 🙂 ??

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October 21, 2010 at 12:56 AM

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When Quality climbs

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I sleep in humble hamlet or better to call it as developing city. Few days back I was attending a “bakar” with my uncle and cousins. As I am an IITian, they were looking for suggestion from me about admission of my cousins in the new session. I never suggest anybody to read in bandikui. So as usual I suggested my uncle to send their children to jaipur in Saint Xavier or something else.

They consorted but then certain issues came into picture about their lodging and messing. I suggested hostels but they are very expensive. So they dropped the plan.

But still desire of sending their children to English medium school was there in their psyche. English-Medium schools in my village are just like girls in IITs. Recently my old schools opened a branch as English Medium CBSE pattern schools. This was hope for my uncle. He went to schools with his smallest child. My Cousin wrote test and got succeed. Now the story of upgrades…

*Here are snapshots of discussion among my cousin, my uncle and the principle of new English School (PNS).

Upgrade No.1:

My cousin owns old Hindi books.

PNS:  Hey these are your brand new English books… So leave the old ones and start mugging them.

My Cousin: Ok… I will tryyy

Upgrade No. 2:

PNS: Hey… This is your new uniform. Keep it clean and I should see you only in this uniform in school time.

My Uncle:  But what will be use of  his brand new “old school” uniform.

PNS: Just threw it…

Upgrade No.3:

PNS to my uncle:  Now your child is in English Environs. So try to maintain it at home also…  Use Breakfast in place of “Nastaa/Kaleo”, Lunch for “KHANA” and Dinner for “Byadu”.

*Kaleo and Byadu are local terms which we use in our village.

My Uncle:  We will do, if we can…

These were normal upgrade but the 4th one is what on which I couldn’t stop my laugh.

Upgrade No.4

It was the time of registration.

My Uncle paid fees and when PNS was entering his name in Fees Book and Registration Record, She asked about my cousin’s name from my Uncle.

My Cousin had a very classical name.

My Uncle: “LaxmiKant”

PNS: “ahh….  Let’s change it. So From now your son would be known as “Lakshya”

I asked to myself “is there any relation b/w name and Medium of study???”

Can’t he perform well with so good name “LaxmiKant”..

OR do that Medium got so many rights that it can even change the name that was given to my cousin by his loving grandfather??

But what could I do..??

When I heard… I just laughed and written this..

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July 5, 2010 at 7:56 PM

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2-2 : The red-letter semester

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I don’t cognize whether I should call 2nd semester of Soph as Salutary or Retire. I solely acknowledge that it was altogether different from other three.

Here I am rendering to acquaint some snapshot of this Semester.

Happy New year at Manali

I won’t say that my inaugural spark at IITR was astonishing. But kinda I will aver tha it was a salutary trip. Bunking on very first day is awesome experience that this trip added to my life. 12 hours locomotion in cab made all us exhausted. But Snow at Manali made us slacken. Though the trip was usual, there is Zippo to parcel. But it is giving me extreme delight to share so-called “DP Kand”. We were a radical of 10. Five of them were drinkers. (But 6 of them are!!).

** I would not reveal the identity of that person who was leading DP. So I will use “DPL” for DP leader in place of name of that person.

DPL brought one full bottle of BP. After embarking in Chandigarh we (not me) started to take some of BP inside our soul in the cab. On the spur of the moment there was a police check on our cab. One “Thulla” (so-called traffic police) came with his Night Eye to find some wealth from our scoops. He threw his “Night Eye” inside our cab. But our DPL was so mastermind that the “Thulla” couldn’t even look at a void glass.

From then till Manali everything went swell. I was alcho vergine till Manali. But at Manali “The Coolest Cold” made me to lose my alcho virginity. Yes I drank!!.

We enjoyed our fullest. But still the bottle was not discharge. We were coming back from bus, Everybody’s bags were full, So the DPL put that BP to my bag (A BP in the bag of under 18!!).

Again raid of police was in our bus. This time they were checking everybody’s bag. DPL was also imploring from god that somehow they forget to check my bag. And they really forgot. They checked each and every bag except mine. I was slumbering at the time of raid. DPL told me about the incident and I floored. I pictured my choler on DPL for putting BP on my bag. But after that everything was hunky-dory.

Cognizance Web Team: Loving->Thwarting->Felicitous

I savored Web Development before my engagement in Cognizance (so-called Techfest of IIT Roorkee). So I desire to become a part to some team to heighten my acquisitions. Applied for Web team and picked out. First 15 days there was something for me to eat (I mean something to code). But as site structure got finished my work was merely  to put content on it. That was really a ho-hum job. I never liked that. I did that for 5 to 6 days. But then I have to become stagnate.I was not receiving the ring of anyone from team cognizance. So on next day Rishabh Sood (Web Coordinator of Cognizance) came to my room. He explicated me something. I don’t retrieve what he narrated but after his 1 hour lecture and some coding incentives I started to work. Then again after 3-4 days I was bore. This time exceedingly bore. I was intending why I joined cognizance??. But At last I started again my work. After all I substantiated that working in cognizance was worth for me. I made a sort of perfectionist for a large code base and especially I took my first attempt on template design. Today when I remember my cogni days I feel cracking salutary.

eBullient Info Tech:  The unforgettable Team Leader Job

I was an combat-ready member of STIFKI. I was known as a coder/web-designer in STIFKI. The president of IIT Roorkee Alumni Association ( Ms Purnima Gupta) was in good liaison with “Amit Kumar: B.Tech  4th EE  ” .  Amit wanted to go in PAN IIT chicao. He needed funds for that. He necessitated to purinima gupta for funding. She agreed but she asked if someone of us could make their website. One of Best friend of Amit was VARUN: B.Tech 4th EE (also a member of STIFKI). Amit recounted varun all about this. Both Varun and Amit was pathetic to make their website. So varun reached me for the same. Varun is a good utterer so he made me eager to code of Alumi’s website. Money was incentive for the same. But I was interested more in learning than the Money. So I took responsibility, built team of coders and designers. I enjoyed my work. The most happiest part of my work period was that when I received a call of “Arvind Panwar 1995 batch” from USA to my mobile. Everything went well.

The project was funded $1000 (Rs 45000) by Alumni of IITR. Amit and Varun cooked a plan to open a info-tech company on the basis of money received from Alumni of IITR. At first look I was agreed to that plan. But later I thought I am not going to be part of company in future. So what this project gave me??. These thought lead me to ask for money (my share) from the 45000.

After Some talk Varun agreed to give me 4000. At that time I thought 4000 is enough. But some issues raised there (* I can’t make them public here) those laid me to think on “Why do I make website”. Till the development of site everything was good. But Money made everything worst. Luckily I had been able to get the things solved. But after all this was really a bad experience that I ever encountered in my life.

The Fucking Microprocessor course (EC-252): 8. 5/50

In termini of pedantic my platters was salutary till 2-1. I was able to wield a CGPA of 8.25.  But what materialized in 2-2 was all crap. First time in my life I encountered a situation of “Fail”.

In this semester due to Cognizance and eBullient I was pathetic to scan in Mid-Terms. So at end term I was entirely skittish, especially in microprocessor course. There was a magnanimous syllabus. My score was 26.25/50 till mid-term II. So I was in position of passing well. But I was not aye for scoring even 10 marks out of 50 in end term. And I scored 8.5 out of 50. Total was 34.75. Just 0.25 marks was nuff to save my back. I asked to KDS( Kuldeep Singh) , He told that he was not sure, but he could urge to committee to save me. I dug into every single line of my answer script in hope of some increment. At last I found a source of 2 marks. I ran to KDS and then I become conscious.

This was first time for me to going in the mouth of “Back” and then coming back from it. It was really an odd experience that one should have in his/her life at least for one time.

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